​Why Tire Flaps Are Important For Use With Inner Tire Tubes

Posted by InnerTireTube.com by Forklift Tire Company on 30th Nov 2019

Tire flaps are usually inserted in the tire to occupy the space between the inner tube and the rim.

They are crucial in protecting the inner tube from potential damage when they come into contact or rub against the rim walls. They also protect the inner tube from getting sucked into the bead toe.

When a tire is not fitted with the tire flaps they have a very high chance of experiencing blowouts or failure. Flaps also come in different dimensions and can be used on O.T.R tires, industrial tires and truck tires. 

Important Parts Of A Flap

Here are some important tips to consider while using tire flaps.

Use New Flaps On New Tires

Tire tubes are very elastic and once they are used in one tire for a long time they conform to the shape of that rim and tire, therefore, they will be a big mismatch for new tire and rims. Ignoring this will impact the effectiveness of the flaps.

Check Flaps For Damage

Prolonged flap use exposes the rubber used on the flaps to wear and tear due to the heat generated by the tires during use. Damaged flaps rapture easily and might not perform their function. Therefore always check your flaps for any damage since the exposure to damage is high.

Match Flap Dimension with Tubes/Rims

It is also recommended that you use flaps together with tires and rims that match their dimensions. This will enable the flaps to fit well with the tires and rims and ensure they offer the tube adequate protection.

Use Flaps On Rims With Valve Slots

Flaps play an important role in preventing the protrusion of the tubes through the valve slots in the rims. Therefore if you are using rims with valve slots it is important that you make use of flaps. 

Therefore always ensure that you make use of new flaps on every new tire. Frequently check the flaps for damage and replace them promptly. Ensure that you match the flap to the dimensions of the tube and rims. Make use of flaps every time you are using a rim with valve slots.