​Factors To Consider While Handling Inner Tire Tubes

Posted by InnerTireTube.com by Forklift Tire Company on 7th Nov 2019

Pneumatic forklift tires cannot operate without inner tire tubes. The two go hand in hand such that you need both of them in proper condition for great tire efficiency. If the tires are damaged the tubes will also probably fail and when the tubes are damaged the tires will also fail.

Since it is important to ensure that you handle the inner tire tubes with proper care at all times, these three tips will prove helpful.

Always Use Matching Sizes

Inner tire tubes usually come in different sizes that can be fit in different tires. You should be careful to ensure the inner tube size fits in the tire it is intended for-not over-sized or undersized. If there is a mismatch all manner of problems can occur.

Over-sized inner tire tubes in a tire tend to fold and develop cracks along the folds which will lead to sudden failure which is risky. On the other hand, undersized tubes need to overstretch to fill the tire which might cause them to eventually fail.

Ensure Proper Storage

If you are considering purchasing inner tire tubes for future use then you need to ensure you have a proper storage plan in place. You should ensure that you fit the inner tire tubes in an opaque wrapper or carton and store them in a dry place.

The storage area should be away from other oils/chemicals used for heavy equipment maintenance since most can easily destroy the rubber that the inner tire tubes are made of.

The storage area should also be cool and away from sunlight since rubber does not respond very well to excessive heat and UV rays from the sun.

Used Tubes

Proper care should be observed when it comes used inner tubes since their risk of failure is very high. For instance, before storage, you should check the used inner tire tubes for any damage and do the necessary repairs.

During maintenance, you should also be keen to segregate the tubes so that it is easy for you to identify which tires they belong to after you are done.

Therefore always ensure that you use the proper inner tire tubes for your tires. In case you are looking to purchase new ones or you are just keen on the storage of used ones ensure you have proper storage conditions in place. Lastly, while you are doing some maintenance on your tire segregate each inner tire tube to avoid a mix-up.