5 Steps Key To Installing A New Inner Tire Tube

Posted by InnerTireTube.com by Forklift Tire Company on 30th Nov 2019

When an inner tire tube has failed it is very important that it is replaced immediately before operations can proceed. While the process might sound complicated, it should not be if you have the right tools. Here are five key steps you can always use to install a new tire tube.

Step One: Deflate The Inner Tire Tube

Since the pressure from the inflated tube is what holds the tire and the rim together you need to deflate the tube first. The most effective way of doing this is through a valve core removal tool. Stick it into the valve and turn it anticlockwise to remove the valve core so that air released. (Ensure you hold the valve core removal tool in position as you do this.)

Step Two: Break The Bead From The Rim

To seamlessly remove the tube you need to break the bead away from the rim. Make use of the bead breaker on the harbor freight manual tire changer to loosen the bead from the rim seamlessly and without any damage. Use it along the whole radius of the tire and repeat that for both sides.

Step Three: Pry Into The Beads and Remove Old Tube

Place the tire on top of the manual tire changer to ensure the side with the rim valve is facing upwards and place the stopper pin in position. The rim should be tightly held while in this position to avoid movement once force is applied during prying.

Spray soapy water at the point the beads come into contact with the rim. The function of the soapy water is to reduce friction between the bead and the prying tool you will use to lift the beads over the rim and remove the tube you are replacing. The reduced friction minimizes damage to the beads by the prying tool.

However, before you can remove the tube you need to cut off its stem to make the whole process easier. Ensure you cut it off at the point where it protrudes from the rim. You should now be able to effortlessly retrieve the old tube for disposal.

Step Four: Install The New Tube

Now get your new tube and insert it in between the rim and tire while aligning the valve stem to the rim hole. You can use the valve core removal tool to hold the valve stem in position and prevent it from sliding into the tire. Ensure there are not parts of the tube caught up at the point the beads attach to the rim as they will get damaged. (The new tube you are inserting should be completely deflated.)

Step Five: Realign the Tire Beads with The Rim

After you are satisfied with the placement of the tube in the tire begin to slowly re-position the beads on the rim as they were before the prying. It takes a lot of effort to put the beads back in so you will need to be careful not to damage the tires. Lube specifically meant for tires will come in handy at this point.

You can now inflate the tires, and for you to do that ensure you use the valve core removal tool to reinsert the valve core tightly into the valve stem. Inflate the tire to the manufacturer recommended pressure and as you do so the beads will tightly attach to the rim.